Cuffed Up




Purchase Bianca’s Angels “Cuffed Up” Collection 1 Pack. “Cuffed Up” Collection 1 Pack. comes with 5 photos for instant download, all photos are taken solely by Bianca Fassaiti, using a mobile phone, tripod, props etc.


  1. I take my photos using natural lighting. My photos are lightly edited & high quality to give a person touch.
  2. I don’t just take photos, I shoot my photos in a way to satisfy visual needs. I take my photos like I would if I were in a relationship.
  3. I love what I do. I’m not just trying to make money off of my cute feet, I actually like knowing I satisfy you in different ways.
  4. It’s more than a picture. It’s a relationship between us. I surrender myself to be completely opened with you.
  5. I shoot my own photos. No one knows what we do except you and I.


Package Facts:

  1. Billing is discreet- Your bank statement will read Angel’s Pizza.
  2. “Cuffed Up” Collection 1 Pack includes 5 feet in cuffs pics.
  3. I’m the only one involved in the shooting and editing process.


Shooting Style Definitions- These are how I define my shooting styles.

  1. Sexy- Panties around my ankles, arched feet, legs up, in heels, etc.
  2. Seductive- Inside of my panties, my shorts, pants, using props, etc.
  3. Dominate- Bottom of my feet, food on my feet, standing in front of food, props, etc.


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