Lets Start With My Name

My real name is Bianca Victoria Fassaiti. Bianca’s Angels are what I call my feet, because they are so heavenly to look at. Also, I am really obsessed with white and bright colors lol.

My Age

I was born October 19th 1993. Save the date and send me a gift every year that you think about me. (I might send you something back)

My Weight

My weight fluctuates to be honest but I am currently 179.1 pounds and I can get as heavy as 182 at times. I carry most of my weight in my thighs and breasts but my stomach stays pretty flat for the most part. I would consider myself a full figured woman for sure.

My Height

I am 5 foot 8 inches and I have been this height since 16. I have a long upper body Disclaimer: (Not like a physical deformity but proportionate) I also have long legs, I think that’s the reason why I carry my weight so well.

My Location

Can I trust you? I don’t want you to see my feet and scream my name in public or Publix lol

I was born and raised in Orlando Florida and I still live here today. Since being an adult, I travel back and forth between Miami and Orlando visiting my parents and siblings though. 

My Education

I graduated from Full Sail University in the mid 2000’s. I studied digital cinematography & graphic design. Yes your girl is talented lol and yes I have an eye for details lol. 

My Secret

Can I trust you to keep this between us? 

No one knows what I do. (I mean no one) I have always been a quite person and I have always kept to myself. I do maintain a healthy work life just to keep up appearances but my passion is what I do to satisfy you. I am committed to you, to us, to this thing that so many people misunderstand, to this little secret that we now share together.

Things to know about me.


I'm single

I am not in a relationship, I am not dating and it has been this way for over 1 year.


solo production

I shoot the photos that you'll receive by myself, because I don't want no one around when I'm exposing myself to you.


I'm serious about you

I take our relationship serious, I think about ways to satisfy you daily because you are so special to me.


I'm submissive

Tell me what you want me to do, let me cater to you, please lead me, I know my position in our relationship.

​Feet routine


Bubble Baths

I let my feet soak in bubble baths daily. I love to relax in my bubble bath while drinking mimosas & eating fruits.


Daily Massages

​I get them massaged daily. I love for my feet to be massaged after or before I start my day, so I normally go to my favorite salon & get a quick massage while resting my eyes and planning my next moves.


Skin Hydration

​I moisturize twice daily. I moisturize my feet 2x's per day. Once in the morning after my salon visit & once at night after my bubble bath.


Polish Change

New polish twice per week. I normally get my toes polished twice a week. I love to keep my toes looking fresh, so I normally go either Monday & Friday or Wednesday & Saturday.

Types of content i shoot

Just knowing that my feet are attractive to you, brings out the inner freak, sexy and seductive side in me. I hope it comes across that way on camera. I’m shy around most people but not around you.





Most frequent questions and answers
  1. Nail beds. I love the shape of my nail beds, they are perfect for heels & slides.
  2.  Shape of my feet. I think the shape of my feet & the curvature are so cute.
  3. Size. I love my foot size, they are a size 9 in women. Put your angels in some new heels. Become a Cashapp Bae


Absolutely. I have full lips, full almond brown eyes, beautiful white teeth & a smile that will light up a room.

​1. Constant content. I take keeping you happy seriously. Each month I am dropping new content & it is getting better & better. 

2. Seduction. I love making your mind wonder, so you may see a picture of my slit as I take my panties off, you may see inside of my panties as I take a picture of my toes etc.

3. Sensuality. I want to entice you, I want you to keep coming back for more of me, I want our relationship to be personal & I want to make you feel special.

4. Submission. I want to submit to you, I want you to know that I’m here to please you & only you. I cherish our relationship, our bond, our union. Please tell me what you want me to do.

Yes you can! Go to the special request page and follow the instructions on there. I try to reply as quick as possible but give me at least 7 days.

No I actually handle the graphics myself.

No I actually handle the photos myself.

Business Inquiries

For all business inquires, please fill out the form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.
It has to be a real business with one verifiable way to prove it exists, such as a business license, website, sales etc…